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hide and seek

The Ensemble

Another of those
many new bands?
The latest product
of a casting-show?

In autumn 2008, a call was issued to a few
selected musical, likable, sensitive, creative,
passionate, vivacious, smart, team-minded
(according to the issuer of the call), and
distinguished guitar graduates of the Vienna
University of Music – with the purpose of per-
suading them to participate in a band project.
And they all came – as their daily work
routine (teaching guitar at music schools) had
given rise to a certain yearning to devote
themselves to their instruments outside of
their profession. That first meeting was the
hour of birth of the Ladies’ Classical Guitar

Since that day we have been working on
music from various styles and epochs – from
baroque to modern, from classic to South

The range of possibilities seems almost
infinite: we play arrangements of chamber
music pieces by Boccherini, Haydn, Schubert,
Astor Piazzolla, as well as original works
– mostly by contemporary composers such as
Roland Dyens or Patrick Roux, to name just
a few.

Instrumentation varies from trios, quartets,
quintets, up to the large octet formation, which
even allows for adaptations of complex
orchestra music.

We use (almost) all instruments of the guitar
family: octave guitar, bass guitar, as well as a
10-string instrument and, of course, the prime
guitar (the classical guitar par excellence).
In this way, our range is increased
to two octavos (enabling us to imitate certain
elements of an orchestra’s wind section, e.g.
piccolo or low bassoon passages). The result is
a colorful and highly dynamic sound approaching
the orchestral.

Our aim is to touch our audience and to enthuse
for the classical guitar in general,
for the classical guitar in ensembles, and of course
for one very special ensemble of 8 classical guitars –
»The Ladies’ Classical Guitar Band«