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niemand da
The Ladies’ladies  n, pl <syn. dame, gentlewoman>
Term to describe persons of the female gender,
who are well-educated and well-groomed and
at their most advantageous age.
Antonyms: girlie, girly girl, man
 Classicalclassical adj
not referring to the classical epoch. Synonymous
with outstanding works of art wich transcend time
and fashion, retaining their radiance even when
adapted or newly arranged.
Guitar guitar n
String instrument whose popularity can be a
curse but almost always turns out to be a blessing.
The fact that Mozart, Schubert, et al. did not write
music for guitar we consider a great shortcoming which
we are striving to redress by way of new arrangements.
Bandband n
A group of like-minded persons who have dedicated
themselves to an idea, a task or a cause. In some
cases individuals showing such characteristics are
called freaks.